Making love channeling a Gorilla

As a husband, it is sometimes hard to know when it is the best time to ask the wife for some love making.

I use the call of the wild to test the water.

I act as the male Gorilla.

The male gorilla starts to smell the semi engorged female sex organs could this be the time for the male gorilla to attempt copulation.

The male gorilla has to be very careful because the female gorilla is the aggressor of the species and if the male gorilla gets it wrong he can meet a violent death.

I touch the female gorilla in a tentative way and get the green light.

It does not end there because a bit like a women the male gorilla begins touching caressing kissing and licking. If  here hurries into intercourse and, does not allow the female gorilla sexual organ to get fully engorged, he suffers  instant death.

Boy sex would be a lot different if men faced instant death for a wrong move during love making.


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