Dad with sheep dog Bill

) Doug Wright with sheep dog Bill. Dad is out in the back paddock working with Bill the sheep dog bringing some sheep in for drenching. You can hear Dad giving Bill guidance. Dad is loudly but calmly telling Bill where to go. Sit down Bill. Well a go Bill. Sit Bill. Get in behind Bill. Bill come here. Voice gets louder and higher Bill come here, you hear it one more time Bill come here then Dad starts screaming FUCKEN BILL GET OVER HERE. I WILL FUCKEN KILL YOU BILL, GET THE FUCK BACK HERE. BILL FUCKS OFF


2 thoughts on “Dad with sheep dog Bill

  1. It’s amazing how everybody listens to the F word LOL


  2. Hilarious, Hamish. Is that really a glimpse (if slightly exaggerated) of your Dad?

    That’s happened word for word I love my Dad


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