Meeting my father law

We fly to Naples Florida, and drive to Pelican Marsh. The wife and I got in very late to pops house and,  he is asleep so,  we go to bed. There is a storm during the night and, we had our windows open. Pops gets up in the middle of the night and put’s  plastic over the windows from the outside. I get up in the morning and I am naked standing in front of the open window with the plastic covering it. All of a sudden I saw this hairy Italian arm and it ripped down the plastic(it was pops)He was looking right at groin height and could see my penis. I got such a fright I jumped out of the way and he went scampering off. Later in the morning I walked out to breakfast and, asked him Pops  whether I needed an implant down there. Be honest. I have been told I am very well endowed.

2 thoughts on “Meeting my father law

  1. Say “Hi” to Uncle Frank for me. Haven’t seen him in years.
    Ps. Put some clothes on first man. He is old after all!!!


    1. Appreciate your support and I am going to wear more clothes around pops luv u


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