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Hamish Wright was born and raised in New Zealand.  He immigrated to the United States to play professional rugby after graduating from the Royal Maori Idiots School of Fine Arts with honors.  He broke into the entertainment industry as a disgruntled stripper in 1992’s Thunder from Down Under, which led to several lead roles, such as Whetu in the 1995 feature The Phantom of the Pig Hunter.  From 1996-2000, Hamish performed regularly at the Wykikamoocow improv troupe, Come and Bottle Us.  He received the prestigious Maori Idiot of the Year Greenstone in 2002 in recognition of his lifetime achievement.


Hamish’s first major break through into international stardom came in 2004 with the role Shebe Rite, the Australian ranger opposite Meryl Streep in the film Walk About, which tells the story of Lindy Chamberlain and the dingo that stole her baby.  In 2008 he became a regular guest on Alan Massengale’s The Big Daddy Sports Show, a live Internet sports show. And he made upstate New York’s evening news as the featured entertainment singing “We Are the Pharmaceuticals” a tribute to Michael Jackson’s passing at the Barry Family Reunion in Oswego.


A consummate philanthropist, he and his wife donate time and resources to several charities, including Greenpeace and Jews for Jesus.  Hamish also founded an erectile dysfunction group in 2007, which has since spread throughout North America helping thousands of men sexually.


Hamish co-created The Real Fake Show with Alan Massengale and co-produced the four pilot episodes.  He is also developing several feature film projects including the comedy Blood, Sweat, and Beers and a dramatic a television show Under the Palms, which follows a Sunni tribesman who suffers from Stockholm syndrome, immigrates to America, and becomes a terrorist.  Hamish was recently chosen as the lead actor in a feature with the working title A Sheepy Porn Tale, a riveting film that follows the black sheep of every flock.


Hamish has written over 500 comedy sketches.  In his spare time, he lives in Hermosa Beach, California with his wife, children, and several assorted farm animals.




3 thoughts on “Hamish’s Entertainment BIO

  1. David Feingold May 9, 2019 — 9:54 pm

    You are still one funny, demented character!
    Best, mate!


  2. Thank u for loving the comedy appreciate your compliments, means a lot coming from YOU


  3. Karin Maihart May 10, 2019 — 3:41 am

    What other assorted animals do you have besides sheep???

    Most farm animals


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